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Full text of "Mulberry Baptist Association Minutes 1879"

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Birmingham, Alabama 

Mulberry Missionary Baptist Association 

v. 1. 1844 

v. 11. 1895 





v. 12. 1896 

v. 13. 1897 

v. 14. 1898 

v. 15. 1899 

v. 6. 1885 

v. 16. 1900 

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v. 9. 1889 

v. 10. 1892 

-■M^ r-P "-■ 





TheMuLBEEBT Baptist Association convened with New Salem church, 
Chilton county, Ala., in its Fifty Second Annual Session, from Septem- 
ber the 27th to the 29th, 1879. Elder I. M. Haigter, who had been ap- 
pointed to preach the Introductory Sermon, nor his alternate, not being 
present, Elder P. M. Hobson preacbqd the Introductory Sermon from 1st 
chapter and 22d verse of the Epistle of James : "But be ye doers of the 
word and not hearers, only deceiving your own selves." The word was 
preached in i>ower to an attentive congregation. 

After a-recess of one hour and a half for dinner, the delegates assem- 
bled in the meeting house. Prayer was offered by EUer F. M. Hobson, 
the former Moderator, who then called the body to order and appointed 
brethren T. M. Barber and J. H. Dewese a committee tq retkl the letters 
from the churches wliich was done and the names of the delegates enroll- 
ed as follows : 

Liberty— F. M. Hobson,* I. H. Haigler,*t J. H. Deweese. 

Elliott's Creek— Jacob Smelley,t Henrv Thompson^ Wm. Phipps. 
A. Mitchell, t 

Liberty Hill— Jasper Giles. William Vardin.t R. B, Childers. 

Bethlehem— A. Z. Merrell, J. W. Jones, P. L. Garden, t 

New Salem— A. B. Hill* H. M. Foshee,* W. G. Riggins,* J. W. 
Madaox, W. H. Allen, E. M. Bean. 

Pbovidekce— R. M. Honey cutt,* J. J. Lowery, John Boydf J. B. Mil- 

Pleasant ^rove— J. P. Smitherman, Albert Patterson, James Thom- 
as, A. J. Devenportt 

Six Mile— W. V. Arnold, P. M. Fancher, D. Z. Ward, R. Owen.f 

Centrehill— James Allen,* Z. W. Langston, John Brantley,f H. N. 

SPBiNOHiLL^Quincy Arnold, f Malcom Morrison, f J. R. Thomas, f 

Macedonia— D. Z. Merchant, James Ward,t S. E. Waldrup, F. C. 
Compton.f m 

Names of Ordained Ministers market! thns * Absentees f ' 





Rehoboth— I. M. Hicks,* Thos. Collins, M. F. Lawley. 

Shady Grove — Joseph Helton,f John Smitberman, Willis Walker, f 

South 8 and y— David Dockery.f W. L. Dockeryf F. M. Tubb.f 

Antiooh — Wm. Cochran.* Daniel Ward,* J. M. Langston,* O. J. Cot- 
tingham, A. J. Woolley, A. F. L. Head,f M G. Pratt. 
|^ Union— C. T. Raglin.f J. R. Thompson, J. M. Oreathouse. ' 

Pink Flat — Wm. Latner, f J. T. Smelley,t B, C. P. Latner. 

Mulbkbky— W. H. Holman, George F, Latner, Joseph C. Hobson.f 
A, D. Fikes.* 

The Association then proceed to the election of a Moderatorjand Clerk. 
Elder F. M. Hobson* was re-elected [Moderator, jand R. M. Honeycatt 

The Articles of Constitution, Abstract of Principles and Rules of De- 
corum were then read. 

Next invited ministers not messengers to seats with us. 

Opened the door for newly constituted churches. Mineral Spring 
Church was received and delegates nan...-s enrolled as follows : Harrison 
Driver, G. 8. Collins, H. Benson. 

The following committees were then appointed: 

On Preaching— D. Z. Merchant, J. H. Deweese, J. J. Lowery, with 
the Deacons of New Salem Church. 

On Arrangement of Business — J. M Langston, J. M. Hicks, H. M. Fo- 
shee, with the Moderator and Clerk. 

On Finance — Wm. Phipps, S. E. Waldrop, Jasper Giles. 

On Sabbath Schools and Documents— J. H. Dewees, W. H. Allen, 
Wm. Phipps. 

On Periodicals — Wm. Cochran, W. V. Arnold, and A. J. Woolley. 

On Missions— Daniel Ward, W. G. Rigging, W. H. Allen. 

Opened the door for correspondence. 

Received Elder T. M. Barber with a package of minutes from the Tus- 
caloosa Association. From Harmony Association, W. G. Hubbard, with 
minutes. A package of minutes from Shelby Association. Elder J. A. 
Mullens from the Unity Association. 

The Committee on Preaching offered the following report which' was 
received : 

Prayer meeting at 9 o'clock to-morrow, conducted by O. J. Cotting- 
ham. Elder T. M. Baiber to preach at eleven, followed by Elder Wm. 
Cochran. Elder J. A. Mullins to preach at 2 in the evening. 

On motion adjourned until 9 o'clock Monday morning. Prayer offered 
by El ier I. M, Hicks. 

Sunday, Sept. 28th, 1879. 
The brethrenl&llifilled their appointments according to the devotional 
committee, and labored faithfully to 'a large and 'attentive congregation. 



UMAm -A- — • **.'-. --5mb - 

Elder T. M. Barber preached at 11, from 2d Corinthians, 8th chapter, 9th 
verse : "For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that he was rich 
yet for your sakes he became poor that ye through his poverty might be 
rich," followed by Wm. Cochran, after which brother Barber appointed 
a committee to wait on the congregation to take up a collection for the 
support of home missions, which amounted to $11.80 in cash. The 
brethren preached upon the liberality of the saints, and upon the work 
and prosperity of the gospel, after a which a recess was given and the 
congregation refreshed by partaking of the bountiful provisions which the 
church and settlement had provided. 

We then assembled at the stand again and Elder J. A. Mullins preach- 
ed from 2d Corinthians, 2d chapter and 14th verse : "Now thanks be un- 
to God which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh mani- 
fest the Savior of his knowledge by us in every place." The brother 
preached upon the origin, the travels and the victory of the Church, and 
we believe that good was accomplished by the labors of the brethren. 

Moxoay, Sept. 29th, 1879. 

Met pursuant to adjournment. Singing, and praver by Elder Daniel 

The Moderator then called the body to order, and proceeded to business. 

Called the roll and marked absentees. (See table.) 

Called for the report of Committee on Arrangement of Business. The 
report read and adopted and business observed as follows : 

Opened the door for correspondence. Received Elder J. H. Hendon 
from Canaan Association. 

Returned correspondence as follows : • 

To the Shelby Association— Elders A. B. Hill, J. M. Langston and W. 
V. Arnold. Langston to write the Corresponding Letter. To the Uni- 
ty Association — Elder H. M. Foshee. To Tuscaloosa Association — El- 
ders F. M. Hobson, I. H. Haigler, Wm. Cochran. Wm. Cochran to write. 
Cahaba Association — Elders Wm. Cochran, J, M, Langston, I. M, Hicks. 
J. M. Langston to write, To Harmony Association — W. V. Arnold, F, 
M, Hobson. W. V. Arnold to write. 

The Committee on Periodicals offered the' following report which was 
received and the committee discharged : 


We, your Committee on periodicals, beg leave to report that the papers 
Kind Words, published . at Macon, Georgia, and the Alabama Baptist, 
published at Selma, are true exponents of Baptist teaching, and are emi- 
nently suited for our Sabbath schools and for home reading. We there- 
fore earnestly recommend them to the hearty support of all our brethren. 

WM. COCHRAN, Chairman. 

. . .. ■ , . .. — , , i i , ■ . .,,.,, i, , , i„ i , . ■ ,, m 



We, your committee on Sabbath Schools report, that we are sorry to 
see from the best information we have, that there is so much apathy and 
indifference manifested among the brethren composing the churches be- 
longLi^ to the Mulberry Association upon the all important matter of 
Sabbath Schools. While at the same time we are pleased to learn that 
two of the churches report Sabbath Schools. We recommend that the 
Association urge it upon the brethren to organize a Sabbath School at all 
the churches, and that they be sure to report it in their letters to your 

On examining the letters we find that Liberty Hill church has no pas- 
tor, and that Antioch church has licensed Bro. O. J. Cottingham to 


preach the gospel. Respectfully submitted, 

J. H. DEWEESE, Chairman. 

The Committee on Missions offered their report, which was recommit- 
ted to them for amendment, and brethren I. M. Hicks, J. M. Langston 
and J. J. Lowery were added to the committee. 

On motion adjourned until 1 p. m., during which time we listened to 
an in te resting sermon delivered by Elder J. H. Hendon, from 1. Peter. 
2nd chapter, 9th verse. 

Met pursuant to adjournment and the Committee on Finance offered 
the following report and was discharged: 

We, vour Oommmittee on Finance report receiving from the churches 

For minutes and association purposes $86 40 

For Home Missions 1 00 

In ti <? hands of the Treasurer 22 00 

Total $59 40 

JASPER (ilLES, Chairman. 

On notion, the next session of this body was fixed to meet with Ma- 
cedoi church, Chilton county, Ala., five miles east of Randolph, on 
Satui ay before the fourth Sabbath in September, 1880; R. M. Honey- 
cutt tc preach the Introductory Sermon, F. M. HoLbon, alternate. 

On r otion the Clerk was instructed to superintend the printing of 600 
copies of these minutes, and to reserve fifty for correspondence. 

On motion the Clerk was appointed Treasurer for the next year. 

On motion, J. H. Deweese was appointed distributing agent for the 
first district, minutes to be sent to Clements Station, Tuscaloosa county, 
Ala.;.T M. Langston in the second district, minutes to be sent to Six Mile; 
and I -M. Honeycutt in the third district. 

On r otion, the Clerk to receive fifteen dollars for his services. 

On notion the proposition offered by the Committee on Arrangement 
of B< iness to amend the Constitution of this Association, so as to make 
all or. lined ministers of the Association standing delegates of their 
churches, and that the churches be entitled to their regular delegation, 
was laid on the table. 

On • otion brethren J. H. Deweese, W. V. Arnold and W. H. Allen 

- ~ n — 

were appointed a committee to enquire after indigent ministers and their 
families, and if any were found in want to proceed at once to collect 
funds for their relief, and report the nunc to the next session of this body 
also to the State Convention. 

On motion,lFJder J. M. Langston was appointed to write a Circular 
Letter to be read at the next session of tins IxhIv, upon the 14th verse of 
7th chapter of 1. Corinthians: "For the unbelieving husband is sanctified 
by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband, else 
were your children unclean, but now are they holy. " 

The Committee on Missions offered the following report whicjt was re- 
ceived and the committee discharged: 


1. It is with gratitude to God that your committee is able to report the 
wonderful achievements of our State, Home and Foreign Missions in their 
respective fields — the blessing of God has rested abundantly on our State 
mission work. There were but one hundred Sunday Schools two years 
ago, now we have seven hundred. At that time had only about thirty 
churches meeting every Lord's day, now we have four hundred. The 
baptisms reported for last year number nearly four hundred; there were 
also a great number of prayer meetings organized and the gospel preach- 
ed in the destitute places and churches. 

2. Our Home Mission Roard is pushing vigorously the work of the 
Lout among the Indians and wild tribes, and are now arranging for broth- 
er Hartwell, a returned missionary from China, to go at once to the Chi- 
nese in California, 

3d. Our Foreign Mission Board is prosecuting the work of spreading 
the Gospel in Africa, in China, and in Italy, with commendable zeal and 
gratifying results. The work of Northern and English brethren in India 
and in other countries is simply wonderful. Over 18.000 have been bap- 
tised in the last year. We should therefore continue to pray for and 
give to the cause of Christ of such things as we have. 

4th. We know of no destitution within the bounds of this Association. 
We recommend to our brethren that they investigate the matter and if 
there are any people destitute of the bible and nut able to i ny it. to re- 
port the sank- to the next session of this bodv. 

DANIEL WARD. Chairman. 

On motion, brethren J. H. Deweese, W. V. Amok) and W. II. Allen 
were appointed a committee to co-operate with the Harmony Association 
in selecting a man to preach for us as district evangelist and recommend 
the appointment of the same: 

On motiou. the Moderator appointed the following brethren as dele- 
gates to the State Convention, J. M. Langston, J. L. Peters, I. M. Hicks. 
O. J. Cottingham, James M. Langston, F. M. Hobson, James Latham, 
W. H. Allen, W. V. Arnold, J. O. Butler, A. B. Hill. 

The next meeting of the first district will l>e held with Union church, 
commencing on Friday before the 2nd Sabbath in Septeml>er 1880; F..M. 
Hobson to preach the Introductory Sermon, I. H. Haigler alternate. 
Subject for discussion: "Do we as Baptists act towards and nurse our gifts* 
as God requires us to do." Discussion to be opened by Rev. I. H. Haigler. 

The next meeting of the 2nd district will be held with Antioch church, 

commencing oil Friday before the 4th Sabbath m August, Dm- Intro- 
ductory 8ermon to be preached by Wm. Cochran, I. M. Hicks alternate. 
Subjects for discussion : 1. "What constitutes a consecrated ministry ?" 
Opened by I. M, Hicks. 2. "What connection Lbs a Sabbath school with 
the church ?" Opened by W. V. Arnold. 

The next meeting of the third district will be held with New Salem 
Church commencing Saturday before the second Sabbath in August 1880 
Introductory Sermon to be preached by A. B. Hill, W. Q. Riggins, alter! 

Resolved, That the thanks of the Association be tendered to New Sa 
lem church and citizens of the vicinty, for the hospitable manner in 
which they have entertained the Association. . 

While singing, the brethren extended to each other the parting hand 
Prayer being then offered were dismissed to meet at the time and ola/v 

*Ww . ' FM. HOBSON, Moderate,. 

«. M. Honbtoittt, Clerk. 


R. M. IIonktodtt, In Account with Mulljcrrv Association 

To amount received from Finance Cormnitte, $58 40 


By amount paid for printing minutes.... *20 00 

By Clerk's fees, , , 6 g^m ± 

Balance on hand „ $34 49 













Dismissed. . 


"by Letter 


Sabbath oT" 


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